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Awesome Abs!


I believe the feature most people would like to change is their stomach.  Having sleek washboard abs is just about everyone's dream and that's why I'm offering this simple ab routine to you absolutely Free! just for visiting the site. 
In order to get the most out of this routine, be sure to consume a sensible diet to enhance the muscular effect of these exercises.  Hence the saying..."you must clear the laundry to get to the washboard" meaning you can build all the stomach muscle you want, but until the layer of fat is reduced, you won't get the full effect of a sleek, muscular stomach.
Do these moves slowly and controlled, blowing out as you contract the stomach muscle, breathe in during the release.  It helps to count each rep on the contraction of the muscle and say "down" or "out" on the release (1, down, 2 down, etc.) to keep your breathing regular.  Some tend to hold their breath during stomach exercises and counting helps you breathe regular and directs your concentration on the movement.
Don't use momentum, like rolling from shoulder to shoulder, or swinging your legs.  Use controlled stomach muscles at all times, which will cause your shoulders to lift or your legs to move.  Keep your lower back on the floor, unless the move calls for a sitting position. 
Concentrate on how the muscle is moving and tightening...listen to your body.  Be sure not to repeat any move that feels uncomfortable or causes pain.
As always, contact me if you have ANY questions at all.
Let's get on with it....

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