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Golf Program
The Routine
1.  Arm Circles:  Raise Arms Out to Sides.  Rotate forward to make small circles, pointing fingers out for 1 set of 10.  Now rotate backward 10 times. 
Benefits golf swing by increasing blood flow to shoulders.  Prepares shoulders for full range of motion in swing.
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3.  In same position as #2, hold club extended overhead.  Lean body to one side, feeling stretch on opposite side.  Hold the position for 5 second, then lean to other side and repeat.  Do 6 reps, 3 each side, stretching a little further each time.
Greatly improves range of motion of trunk during entire swing.  Create more club head speed and power with bigger coil.  Improves full back swing.
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5.  With slightly flexed knees, bend holding club toward floor.  Stretch hamstrings and lower back by pressing club further down, hold for count of 2.  Return to starting position and repeat 10 times.
Increases circulation in lower back area to withstand high torque movement.  Reduces chance of injury to lower back.
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7.  Hold club behind head on shoulders, step forward and press knee to within 2 inches of ground.  Return to starting position & press bar straight up.  Lower and repeat with other leg.  Do 8 on each leg.
Warms and improves range of motion in hips and groin area.  Allows fuller back swing without tension in hips.  Keeps shoulders warmed up.

#1 - Side View--Keep muscles tight

#2 - Strengthens shoulders
#3 - Stretch Side to Side
#5 Stretch lower back, hamstrings
#6 - Keep back straight
2.  Using golf club, grab club just outside shoulder width.  Hold club over head with arms extended, feet shoulder width apart.  Bring club down to legs and slowly raise again.  Do 15 Reps.
Prepares shoulders for better top-of-backswing position.  Improves functional range of motion in follow through.  Increases leverage on downswing.
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4.  Twists - Hold golf club on shoulders, grab at each end.  Slightly squat legs.  Back straight. Keeping lower body still, twist at waist from side to side to a count of 30.   Straighten legs, bend at waist, and repeat twist for another count of 30.
Warms up trunk muscles.  Prepares core body muscles to make an aggressive move without back injury during first full swing. 
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6.  Squats - Feet shoulder width apart.  Hold club out in front.  Lower body by bending at the knees.  Press back up with legs, keeping upper body and back straight througout move.  Do 1 set of 15.
Strengthens entire lower body.  Increases blood flow and circulation.  Increases range of motion in hips encouraging a more sychronized swing.
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8.  Make a half swing with a 7 iron at moderate speed.  Focus on proper sequence of swing and fluid motion.  Swing back and forth without hesitation to promote a good warm-up.  Arms and shoulders should feel relaxed and light.
Specifically prepares body for first drive off tee.  Reduces potential for strain or injury.  Loosens and warms body up with sport-specific swing movement.
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