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Cool Down


The Routine
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Cool Down
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It's always a good idea to stretch out your muscles after any type of exercise.  Follow the easy steps below to complete your Pilates routine. Hold each stretch for a count of 10 unless otherwise specified..

1.  Spinal Twist - Lie on your back, knees bent and feet flat on floor, arms extended at aides about shoulder height.  Let both knees fall gently to one side, as far as comfortable.  Turn head and neck to opposiite side, feeling the twist in your spine.  Hold, then repreat on opposite side.

2.  Body Curl - Lie on back, arms out, legs straight.  Pull knees up to chest and hug knees with arms, curl chin into chest.  Hug knees stretching spine.  Hold for count of 5.  Release and repeat.

3.  Butt Press - Lie on back with both legs extended.  Bend one leg and pull it toward chest, holding it just below knee.  Feel the stretch in the lower back and buttocks.  Repeat on opposite side.

4.  Cat Stretch - Begin on all fours,  palms under shoulders.  Round back to stretch every vertebrae, head down, pelvic tucked in.  Then reverse stretch, pressing buttocks and head toward ceiling, arching back in opposite direction.  Hold each for 5 counts and repeat twice.





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