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The Routine


The Routine
Part II
Cool Down
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#1 - Half Roll - Sit up tall extending spine, knees bent.  With regular breathing, slowly roll back, one vertebra at a time, to the middle of back, keep bellybutton pulled in and up.  Keep entire body tight.  Return slowly to sitting position.  Do 6-8 reps. 
#2 - Angel - From sitting position, arms forward and up, lift legs off the ground, balancing on your butt, just below your tailbone.  Pull tummy in and up.  Clear the mind and concentrate on balance while stretching limbs.  Hold for 8 counts, keeping breathing regular.  Release, Relax then Repeat 3 times.
Variation:  Hold once for count of 25.

#3 - Pendulum - Lie on back, lengthen entire body.  Extend legs stright up to form a 90 degree angle.  Extend arms out slightly for leverage. Flat back.  Inhale and lower legs to right.  Return slowly to start position and press to other side.  Do each side 6-8 reps. 

#4 Leg Lift - In same position as #3, pointing toes, lower straight legs down toward floor, holding for a count of 3 at lowest comfortable position while still keeping your back flat on floor.  Return legs slowly to starting position.  Concentrate on keeping body/stomach tight.  Do 3 sets of 6-8 reps.