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30-Day Good-Carb Eating Plan

Eating Plan Basics

See the Low-Carb Eater's Food Pyramid Below...

This 30-day meal plan will get you on your way to burning calories more efficiently.  I kept foods basic, using common foods that will keep grocery shopping and meal preparation simple.  No costly commercialized "low-carb" foods are necessary to buy.   A healthy and weight-loss effective diet is not hard to maintain.  Just stick to the foods closest to their original form, using whole-grains and alot of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Your body may need to adjust the the increase in fiber if you are not following a high fiber diet now, so check with your doctor if you have any history of stomach or intestinal sensitivities.
Week 3 introduces some carbs that are also fiber-rich into the menu. Week 4 of this meal plan includes 1 fast-food meal each day, which you do not have to eat if you do not wish.  Simply swap it for a meal from a previous week.  It is designed this way to give you a good example of what to eat when faced only with fast-food choices. 
So...get on your way to healthy eating.  Be sure to contact me if you have any questions along the way.
30-Day Low-Carb Menu <--Click Here


Food Tips:
Use one day to chop and bag veggies to take with you or to use in recipes for the entire week.
Keep foods cool while on the road by taking along a thermos with a few ice cubes in the bottom.  Store food in individual baggies in the thermos to keep fresh.
Buy natural fruit spreads in place of full-sugared jellys and jams.
Prepare and store several chicken breasts one day of the week to use on sandwiches and on salads througout the week.