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30-Day Good-Carb Eating Plan

Eating Plan Basics
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30-Day Menu
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This 30-day Good-Carb Menu  can be tailored to suit your weight loss needs by adding or subtracting a meal or snack.  You can also switch meals from one day to the next by swapping a meal for a meal or snack for a snack.  This plan offers 5 meals per day--3 main meals and 2 snacks.  The only foods that are limited are those which are highly processed or contain high-glycemic carbs, those which raise blood sugar levels which contribute to the storage of fat and increase in appetite. 

The great thing about a low-carb diet it that you get to eat until you are satisfied.  No calorie counting, no starving until your next meal.  If you are hungry in between meals, simply eat something protein-rich and carb-free to stay on track.

By eating a low sugar/low carb diet that includes lean protein choices, your body can better metabolize the food that you eat and you begin to lose weight. 

  • Eat Slowly; is takes about 20 minutes to feel the "full" effects of foods and drink alot of water or unsweetened iced teas between bites to fill you up without adding calories.
  • Use only lean cuts of meat
  • Include vegetables with every meal possible.
  • Include protein with each meal which will keep you full until the next one.
  • Eat foods closest to their original form.  Rule of thumb:  Unprocessed foods are healthy!  Eat a large variety of them for the most fulfilling eating plan ever.

For more important information on following this plan successfully, visit the Eating Plan page.