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Awesome Abs!

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These more simple moves have been specially chosen because they are easy to perform, but still very effective.  They are safe for a majority of clients because they don't require strenuous body movement such as full sit-ups and there is no use of resistance equipment needed.  They can be done easily anywhere, anytime.
Each move has a suggested amount of sets which makes this a great 15 minute ab routine.  You can adjust sets to fit your needs.  As you become more conditioned, or want a more intense work-out add 1-2 sets to each move. 

The Basic Crunch
Keep shoulders and chin up.  Pull knees to elbows by tightening your stomach muscles.  When you release, spread elbows, opening chest while pressing legs back up.  Keep shoulders off floor to get best stomach building effects.  Do 3 sets of 10. (Count is:  crunch in for 1, press out; 2, out; 3, outetc.)

Use your stomach muscles to press your right elbow to your left knee.  Repeat other side.  Go back and forth doing one side then the other, but use muscle, not momentum on this move.  Do move slowly and feel the use of the muscle.  1 count per side (1,2,3, etc.).  Do 3 sets of 10
Now Repeat move, but bring Knee to meet elbow to engage lower stomach muscles.  3 more sets of 10.

Straight legs, shoulders off floor.  Reach your right hand to left toe, other arm down near body.  Repeat other side.  Go back and forth using muscles and not momentum.  Each touch is one count.  Do 4 sets of 10.



Press & Twist
This simple move should be done slowly to reap the benefits.  With knees bent, lower back on floor, on heels...Press shoulders up toward ceiling.  While in up position, twist at waist to right, hold for a moment.  Twist back to center and lower.  Repeat, turning to left side.  Count is: One, twist, center, down; Two, twist, center, down, etc.  Do 3 sets of 10.  Change position of feet to work different muscles.  First, feet apart and knees together; 2nd - Feet together, knees open; 3rd - Legs wide open.  Tighten both upper and lower stomach muscles with each move.

Lower Body Lift
Slighly bend legs to distribute weight.  Press downward toward floor without actually touching floor, then lift back up past starting position, slightly lifting butt off floor using lower stomach muscles.  Hold briefly and return to starting position.  Very important to use muscles and not swing legs in this move.  Place hands under butt to support lower back.  The closer you get toes to floor, the more you'll feel the effects of the move.


Side Obliques
On back, on heels, drop legs to one side, not touching floor--slightly twisting at waist.  Press chin and shoulders toward ceiling.  Small tight presses.  Done properly, you should feel this move in your side (or obliques) stomach muscles.  Adjust body as needed.  1 count up, then "down"; 2, down; 3, down, etc. Do 4 sets of 10 counts.
Drop legs to other side, repeat 4 sets of 10 on other side.


The Basic Stomach Press
Keep chin up, press shoulders toward ceiling.  Position legs as shown, on heels.  Using entire length of stomach muscle (upper & lower), slowly press up, one count up, one down....repeat. 
Variation:  Hold press for count of 6, release & repeat.  (1 set of 10)
This move works and tightens the entire top stomach muscles which run from your ribs to your pelvis.  Do 3 sets of 10.