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Walk It Off! Walking Program

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Heart Rate Calculation

Red Beating Heart

How to track your Heart Rate during exercise: 
Take wrist pulse for 6 seconds and multiply by 10.
Here's how to figure your 'Target' heart rate: 
  220 minus your age = [A]
  [A] = Maximum heart rate
  70% = Ideal Fat Burning Heart Rate ([A] X .70)
  40% = Resting Heart Rate ([A] x .40)
To get the most effective results from this routine, modify your intensity level to train within your target fat burning heart rate (70%).  
Your target rate tells you how fast your heart should pump during exercise to ensure you burn plenty of calories.  It differs depending on your age and whether you're a beginner or are experienced at exercise.  As you continue to train, you should do intervals (short bursts) of up to 80% of your target heart rate to get a better calorie burn.
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