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Walk It Off! Walking Program

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Cool Down

After a good walk you should stretch your muscles to prevent soreness.  Do the following stretches, holding each move for a count of 10.

2-Part Stretch - Step 1:  Lunge to one side and hold, stretching inner thigh; Step 2:  Lower butt closer to floor, turn toes/top of leg upward and stretch back of leg; twist at waist and reach over with opposite hand to stretch side/waist.


Lie down on side and pull foot back, stretching front of leg as shown.  Repeat other side.


Squat Stretch - Grab ankles and place elbows on inside of knees.  Press butt down feeling the stretch in your inner-thighs and lower back.


Place right bent leg over left straight leg and press inward with opposite elbow, stretching outer-thigh.  Repeat other side.


Sit on floor with toes pointed, bend forward as far as comfortable, stretching legs and lower back.  Hold for 10 counts, then flex feet and repeat hold.


Lie on back and press straight right leg with bent left leg on back of thigh.  Feel the stretch in your butt, press a little further & hold.  Repeat other side.


Congratulations, you're done!