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Walk It Off! Walking Program

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Nutrition Tips

Here are a few interesting facts about foods.  I'll update this page periodically, so you may want to check back for more info...

If you haven't already read about the many benefits of dairy calcium, check out the article on the site.  Add at least 1 low-fat yogurt to your diet daily to reap the fat-cell burning benefits.

Did you know?

The darker the vegetable's color, the more nutrients it holds.

Iceberg (white) lettuce has no nutritional value; Go for dark greens. 

Tomatoes, Pink Grapefruit, red bell peppers and watermelon help to guard you against cardiovascular disease, lung and prostate cancer.  Eat alot of them.

'White' foods (such as white bread, rice and pasta) turn to sugar, use them in moderation.

The word "Enriched" on food labels means over-processed, sugar added; buy whole-grain foods that do not contain 'enriched' flour.

Nuts are loaded with brain-nourishing fat.  Eat them in moderation 3-4 times per week (no more than a handful) as they are also loaded with calories.

Fish are also loaded with brain-nourishing fat (Omega-3).  But watch mercury content; eat fish only about 3 times per week.

Red fish such as salmon, mackerel have the highest nutritional value.

Seafood gives you nutrients you won't find anywhere else, but keep it to 3-4x's per week as it can highten cholesterol levels.

Bananas are a wonder- food...little-known facts:

  • They give an instant, sustained boost of energy
  • Great energizer before a strenuous work-out
  • High in iron; helps correct anemia
  • High in potassium, beating high blood pressure
  • Boosts brain power; makes you more alert
  • Contains a natural relaxer called trypotophan; makes you feel happier
  • Builds up depleted blood sugar levels naturally
  • They are a natural antacid; sooths heart-burn
  • Eaten regularly, can cut the risk of death from strokes